About this site

This website was developed in partnership between the Ministry for Primary Industries and NIWA, with the support of Silverstripe and Catalyst.

NIWA contracted the Wellington based web development companies, SilverStripe and Catalyst, to design and build the portal to specifications developed by MPI and NIWA. SilverStripe used their own Open Source CMS, also called SilverStripe, to build the portal. Graphic design for the site was styled by Catalyst. The web mapping client within the portal was developed specifically for the portal, integrating OpenLayers with the SilverStripe CMS as a web mapping module, and will be available as a standard module within the CMS. Atlas and ArcServer, licensed to NIWA, are the two proprietary applications used. Most of the Open Source components are supported by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

The software applications used to build the portal include:

Linux as the underlying operating system on the servers supporting the portal, web mapping and most database servers.

Apache as the web server application supporting the portal server and web map server.

SilverStripe as the CMS used to run the portal.

OpenLayers as the embedded web mapping client.

UMN Mapserver as the WMS/WFS server application providing map layers to the portal.

PostGIS as the spatial database used to manage the data underlying most map layers.

Atlas as the image (photograph) management tool providing access to photographic datasets.

ESRI ArcServer to manage and supply bathymetry data to the portal (via mapserver).