Sources of data

The Marine Biosecurity Porthole contains the most complete source of information on the national distribution of non-native marine species in New Zealand.

Distribution records in the portal come from four principal sources:

  • Port Biological Baseline Surveys
  • National Marine High Risk Site Surveillance
  • Marine Invasive Taxonomic Service
  • Other verified observations of non-native marine species

Find out more about each of these sources of data in the pages below or download the following publication.

  • Seaward, K., Acosta, H., Inglis, G.J., Wood, B., Riding, T., Wilkens, S., Gould, B. (2015) The Marine Biosecurity Porthole - a web-based information system on non-indigenous marine species in New Zealand. Management of Biological Invasions, 6: 177-184. doi: [PDF, 596 KB]
Port of Napier2 09 Erika Mackay

The Port Biological Baseline Surveys are general surveys of the native and non-indigenous species present in New Zealand's international shipping ports and marinas

diver and ship

Surveys are undertaken every 6 months in 12 of New Zealand's busiest ports and marinas to detect high-risk non-indigenous marine species

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The Marine Invasives Taxonomic Service (MITS) provides taxonomic identification and collection management of marine organisms relevant to biosecurity management in New Zealand.

whelk on data sheet

Other scientific records compiled from published reviews, unpublished technical reports, biosecurity databases, and museum records.