Marine Domestic Pathway Management

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[Image: Kimberley Seaward, NIWA]

Regional councils and central government are working together to reduce the spread of marine pests and disease throughout New Zealand.

Amendments to the Biosecurity Act in 2012 allowed for the creation of Pathway Management Plans to reduce the spread of marine pests and diseases that are already present in New Zealand, but not yet widespread. Regional Councils around New Zealand have been developing pathway management plans that include practical measures to reduce the risks of transport of marine pests on domestic vessels, within the aquaculture industry and by other marine activities. These plans will help protect the environment, economic activity and social and cultural activities that are dependent on healthy oceans.

Several different regional marine pathway plans are currently being developed. These are in the top of the North Island, top of the South Island, and Fiordland. The Department of Conservation has also developed a Regional Coastal Plan for New Zealand's offshore islands that requires vessels traveling to these special marine environments to be free of marine pests.

More information on regional pathway plans

Additional reading

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